Our mission is to deliver industry leading facilities management and logistical support services, backed by a strong, dependable and diversified Canadian workforce, and to create a positive presence in the communities in which we work.

One way we accomplish this is through the commitment, competence and diligence of our valued employees. At Canadian Base Operators, we’re looking for individuals with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore these unique opportunities. We are strongly committed to advancing diversity in our company and fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace culture, thereby enabling and empowering all people to fully participate, to reach their potential, and to contribute to the success and welfare of the Canadian Base Operators community.

As an employer, Canadian Base Operators is committed to offering our employees a safe and enriching work environment.

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  • Empowered people with ambitious goals

  • Collaborative and supportive work culture

  • Ongoing investment in training and development

  • Long term stability

  • One company with endless opportunity to learn and grow

  • A family business with family values